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  • Pure & Dimple Wash Clothes pk of 3


    Extra Soft, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Natural Breathable Muslin


    We can’t get enough of these little cloths - they have so many uses! Not just a bath time necessity, you can use them in place of kitchen roll as a gentler, eco alternative to wiping messy hands and faces. And they’re soft enough to use instead of disposable wipes, or for drying bottoms after a nappy change. Conventional terry towelling fabric needs to rub the skin to do its job, which can cause irritation and aggravate skin conditions. Our unique, highly absorbent 4-layer muslin construction "blots" the skin dry. What's more, because it dries faster, less bacteria grows when its on the rail.

    Their different colours make it easy to tell them apart, and because they’re thicker than conventional muslin squares they offer extra absorbency. An essential for the nappy bag.

    30cm x 30cm
    100% GOTs certified organic cotton: promotes skin health without dyes or harmful chemicals
    Four layers of thickness for extra absorption
    Cotton hanger loop for faster drying