Pure & Dimple Organic Swaddle Blanket
  • Pure & Dimple Organic Swaddle Blanket


    Length: 120 Centimetres; Width: 120 Centimetres




    Organic swaddle for babies, chemical free, unbleached cotton.

    Our generously sized, double layer muslin blankets are prefect for swaddling.

    Loosely woven for optimum breathability and absorption, they last for years and can be used for everything from burp cloths to summer sheets, safe in the knowledge that the fabric you are wrapping around your little one won't cause irritation.

    120cm x 120cm: large size for easier swaddling and transition to a summer sheet
    100% GOTs certified organic cotton: no industrial dyes, no off-gassing
    Double layer muslin: promotes better sleep comfort by helping baby to regulate their body temperature